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Leave reviews for 1969 Bluesky Hotel limited edition gift

We wish you every bit of 1969 Bluesky hotel staying experience,
will be the greatest memories of your trip.

We hope that you can share your experiences, give us suggestions,
every little encouragements or advices will be our motivations to be
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If you are booking at Expedia, Booking, Agoda or Ctrip, leave your reviews
after checking in, we will give you a 1969 Bluesky only limited edition
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Step 1: Please upload your photos and reviews to the booking site for our hotel.
Step 2: After leaving the reviews, please let us know by messaging through FB or Line
Step 3: Once we received the reviews regarding your staying experience, we will send you 
            our limited edition gifts. 

Please ask the front desk or message us for more details